Book Report: Let’s Pretend This Never Happened (A Mostly True Memoir) by Jenny Lawson

This book will give you a six-pack.

Not, like, a six-pack of Miller Lite cause that would be weird if a book handed you beer, but rather the sexy abs kind of six-pack. In fact, you will get such a great workout from laughing so hard, I give you full permission to forego all exercise on the days you spend reading this book.

You’re Welcome.

Instead, I invite you to skip the gym and stay in. Amazing abs will naturally occur while reading. Even while also drinking Miller Lite which may or may not be snorted out of your nose several times from laughing so hard you can’t possibly catch your breath or swallow anything liquid like a normal adult.

Or so I’ve heard. From a friend.

Jenny Lawson is the author of the popular and hilarious site The Bloggess. You may have heard about her and her giant metal chicken, Beyonce. And if you haven’t, I suggest immediately heading over to her site because if you like what you see, I promise you will love her book.

Jenny has a unique past and a gifted way of writing about it. Who else could turn stories about road kill puppets, throwing up in deer carcasses, loosing a semen filled turkey baster inside of a cow (but safely removing one’s hand from the inside of said cow), your father throwing a bobcat on your fiance,  a miscarriage, and a chupacabra sighting (or was that Chalupa?), and leave their readers in tears from cracking up?

No one, that’s who.

She takes us from childhood, through an adolescence involving quail (turkeys) following her to school, all the way through marriage and a family. Things were not always easy for Jenny (have you ever had to wear bread-sack-shoes?) but those are the very things that have made her who she is today. Addressing the challenges that come with a general anxiety disorder, she has us appreciating her experiences while laughing along with her at the stories they generate. Above all, Lawson maintains who she is throughout the memoir: witty, charming, and part of a loving family.

And I thank her for sharing her story. Because without it, this past week would not have been so hilarious.

p.s. Thanks for the six-pack, Jenny!

p.p.s. I mean the abs kind, not beer. That would be weird since you never sent me any beer.

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