Daily Archives: April 27, 2012

When you can’t tell the difference between your sweat and the rain.

Tomorrow morning marks the 31st annual Crazylegs Classic. It’s a fun event here in Madison, brining runners and walkers together in support of UW Athletics. I have participated countless times and once again signed up for the 8K run. This year, I’m also a proud member of a Crazylegs Classic team, having signed up with the Madison chapter of the Mizzou Alumni Association.

Normally, on the eve of the race, I’d be super pumped right about now. Thinking about the pre-race excitement at the capital, mentally preparing for the hill on Observatory Drive, and looking forward to the free beer at the end. But then I had to go and ruin it by taking a look at the weather forecast. Start time predicts a chilly 39 degrees. Oh, and a 70% chance of rain. 

I have a confession: right then, I was going to chicken out of running the CrazyLegs Classic.

I was going to meet my team, hand out all of the stuff as the team captain, quietly get back into my car, and drive over to the athletic club where I would do my long run warm and safe, inside, on a treadmill.

I made this decision, even though I’m no stranger to running in the rain. I’ve done a marathon in a downpour before. I’ve also started a 1/2 marathon in a downpour before, alongside my friend Jen. The same Jen ran Crazylegs Classic with me in a total downpour a couple of years ago. The very same friend who, over email today, stated she was going to participate tomorrow rain or shine. And I started to realize how wimpy I sounded.


Internally, I attempted a last-minute justification on backing out. I’m tired. I feel like I’m coming down with something. I don’t want to run in the rain. It’s too cold. And then I got online and saw all the excited tweets from people running it tomorrow, despite the weather forecast. That was it. Between twitter and Jen’s determination, I came to a conclusion: I was being a wimp. A rather whiney one, at that.

So, instead of backing out, tomorrow I’m going to get up, dress warm, prepare to sweat, and get rained on. Because honestly, after a mile, you really can’t tell the difference anyway.

Time to suck it up, Nixie.

And good luck to everyone running or walking in tomorrow’s 31st annual Crazylegs Classic!