Weight Loss Journey: Breaking One Bad Habit at a Time

Working out and eating healthy will always be struggles of mine.

Even when I have a refrigerator stocked full of healthy options, I will always be tempted by the $5 hot and ready pizzas across the street. Even when I’m excited about running my next marathon, I will always be tempted by pajama pants and my couch. Working out and eating healthy are just not natural habits of mine.

Which means losing weight is not going to be naturally easy.

Often, no matter how good my intentions are at the beginning of the day, at some point stress and hunger take over. And I skip a workout. Or I eat something completely unhealthy. Or both. And then I throw my hands up in the air and say “To Hell with it! I’ve already ruined my diet!” and start eating $5 hot and ready pizzas while watching television on the couch like the world is ending and the only thing I can do to survive it is to eat $5 hot and ready pizzas.

But then my friend Nicolette shared a great phrase with me:

And the next time I ate unhealthy food during the day, I re-read the quote, took a deep breath, and just got over it. Instead of throwing my hands up in the air, I made it to the gym after work, and ate a healthy dinner.

And with a conscious effort, I broke a bad habit.

So I’m curious. If you struggle with weight loss, eating healthy, and/or working out…can you share how you keep motivated? Inspired? On track? Do you have any bad habits you’ve been able to break?



2 responses to “Weight Loss Journey: Breaking One Bad Habit at a Time

  1. Wow! I really like that quote. I usually have the same problem. If I start out the day eating like crap I figure I might as well eat like crap the rest of the day. I’ve always used “tomorrow is a new day. I’ll be better.”, but I REALLY like that quote. It puts things in to perspective. This past week one thing that I’ve found that is starting to help me is using http://www.Myfitnesspal.com. It makes you be held accountable for the food you eat and it takes your workouts in to consideration, etc.

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