Book Report: You Had Me at Woof: How Dogs Taught Me the Secret to Happiness by Julie Klam

I am a self-proclaimed dog lover with a confession: I did not really like this book.

I mean, I didn’t hate it…but I didn’t like it, either.

Julie Klam is a genuine person. She devotes her time to rescuing dogs, has a balanced and loving relationship with her husband and daughter, and is an all around nice person. The thing I like best about her is that she is incredibly non-judgemental. She attempts to understand the bigger picture when it comes to someone else’s life situation. This really shone through for me when she visited a friend seeking advice on rescuing a dog. This woman had a shopping list of qualities she was looking – or not looking – for in a dog. It would have been incredibly easy to label her as picky, but Julie recognized the woman was rescuing a dog because her children, whom she loved very much, were desperate for a canine companion. Instead of ending up with a breed she might resent, the woman was doing her homework to find the best fit for their family.

That being said, I felt the writing was too “all over the place.” Her stories did not have an easy flow throughout. Also, and this is me being picky, I didn’t like several of her lesson titles. I think she could have done a better job at sticking with more basic and relevant chapter headings.

It’s a cute read, and I’m willing to bet there are many out there who enjoyed it. It’s just not my style.

Hunter loyally slept on my feet while I read it, which caught me in a smile more than once. And so, I will leave you with some pictures of him in all of his cuteness. You’re welcome.

On the car ride home, the day I rescued him

Spent most of our first afternoon together hanging out in a water dish.

His first haircut

Poor guy

If only he was always this angelic