Top 10 Things I’m Going to do if I Win the Lottery Tonight

Today I took a late lunch break and drove to the Milio’s down the street for a sub. This particular sandwich shop just so happens to be located in a gas station. An advertisement to Win it Big! was front and center. And so this afternoon, for the first time in my adult life, I purchased a Mega Millions lottery ticket.

It didn’t take long (as in, I hadn’t even gotten back into my car yet) when I started daydreaming about all the things I would do with the money.

Behold, the top 10 things I will do if I win the lotto tonight:

10. Pay off all my debt. This is a huge focus of mine right now, and was the very first thing that came to mind. I can just imagine the satisfaction of paying off credit cards, student loans, my car loan, and my entire mortgage in a single day. 

9. Buy a new car. Two, actually. An Audi Q5 for fall and winter, and an Audi TT convertible for spring and summer.

8. Set up an appointment with a financial advisor. Logic suggests this be the first thing someone do upon winning the lottery, but I’m confident I could pay off my debt and buy two cars within an hour of receiving my lump sum. Plus, I’d want to be debt free once I arrived, ya know? Then we could discuss what I would need in order to be set for life, and how much “fun money” I had per year / month / week.

7. Set up a college fund for my niece, Grace. And while we’re at it, set up funds for all my family members. Despite them driving me nuts sometimes, I’d want to make sure everyone was financially taken care of.

6. Travel. This includes my journey to run a marathon in every state, as well as additional travel opportunities. I’d spare no expense, staying in the most premier of hotels and sightseeing at the coolest of places.

5. Live in Australia for 6 months. I studied abroad in Australia for an entire college semester and fell in love with Sydney. It remains my favorite city in the world. When I’m there, I feel so…relaxed, and at home. While there, I would fly out all my friends who studied abroad at the same time, for a reunion party. Which I would throw, of course.

4. Donate to a charity. One I have always loved is the Make-A-Wish foundation, but why stop there? I’d research and look into various charities around the world to see where my money could help.

3. Write my novel. I am in the middle of this now, and will certainly accomplish this without winning the lottery. But it would be nice to take time to dive into it without distractions. I’d sign up for workshops and classes, to better my writing.

2. Go on a major shopping spree. Without a budget or debt to worry about, I could afford nicer clothes and shoes. I’m thinking JC Penny’s vs. Target. Mostly because I know nothing about name brands.

1. Go back to work. There’s nothing worse than being bored. If the book thing were to pan out, then I could consider writing novels as my job. Or, perhaps I’d stay in the hotel business since I love it. Either way, I can’t imagine not working.

Once I finished my list I came to an amazing realization: It may take a lot longer, and may be harder, but I have the ability to complete all ten of the items without winning the lottery.

But I’m still going to check the numbers on my ticket later.

If you win tonight, what will you do?