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Top Five Friday: Top 5 Things You Need to Throw an Epic Poker Party Extravaganza

The arrival of this year’s 7th Annual Poker Party Extravaganza brings along shopping lists to shop from, check-lists to check mark from, and housework to be worked on.

And I love every minute of it.

Because once the errands are completed, the contenders are seated, the timers are set, and the blinds are posted, the cards start flying and the one and only party I throw every year begins.

There are five main objectives to throwing an epic poker party. Have these covered, and you’re all in.

5. Poker Supplies. You’ll need plenty of poker chips, decks of cards, card tables, folding chairs, and timers to regulate the blinds.

4. Beer. I always set out to buy five cases and seem to come back with six or seven. Traditionally, I buy a lot of Miller Lite, Bud Light, and MGD 64, with the occasional craft beer thrown in the mix, for fun.

3. Signs. One on the front door, and one on the fridge. Each year is a different themed sign. As usual, this year’s sign is my favorite! (Thanks Jen Price - you are amazing!)

2. Cheat Sheets. Players from all different skill levels are welcome at my party. Because of this, cheat sheets are placed at each table showing the ranking order of poker hands. Every year, someone who has no idea how to define a straight flush wins at least some prize money.

1. Awesome Friends. Friends who play cards, friends who don’t really play cards but want to give it a whirl, and friends who come just to mingle, hang out, and play one of the many other games going on (Euchre, Apples to Apples, Catchphrase). All are welcome.

Good luck everyone! And may the odds be ever in your favor.